Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Out

I am going stir crazy.

I have a window each chemotherapy cycle that I feel pretty normal. I try to work and get out of the house as much as I can during this time. Even if I am in bed by 9 PM each night from fatigue, it is worth it in order to maintain sanity.

I had big plans to work in Charlotte all week with the exception of one lab appointment. In fact, I was sort of excited because we were having a big all day meeting on Tuesday and I would get to meet some co-workers I hadn't met yet, and see some others that I haven't seen in months.

Then the snow came. When we got up Monday morning everything was covered. Everyone was advised to stay off the roads. So it was another day at home. This definitely dampened my spirits. But I was hopeful that at least I would make it to the big Tuesday meeting. Except when Tuesday morning came the roads were still pretty bad.

So instead of being in the office I stayed in my PJs and spent a good part of the workday on a conference call. It is hard to feel smart in your pink fuzzy bathrobe. I am one who feels that facial expressions and body language are important part of discussions. Everyone talking on the phone just wasn't the same.

Being sequestered at home so much definitely goes on the Top 10 list of things that I dislike about this experience. It is particularly hard this time of year when I can't take advantage of our outdoor living space. I have never really liked working from home. I always struggle to stay on task. I could usually manage a day or two, but this week after week thing is kicking my ass.

Next week is Chemo No. 3. I am starting to dread it a little. Let's tally the fun brought by Chemo No. 2: Heartburn, upset stomach, loss of taste/appetite, dry mouth, numbness in fingertips, insomnia (though much better than Round 1), aches and pains, low-grade fever, concentration problems, and fatigue.

Round two in some ways was better. I had less heartburn, less insomnia, and didn't get the crazy steroid hunger. But the fatigue has stuck around a little longer and a little melancholy about the situation is getting harder to shake off.

I am going to go to sleep now hopefully. I have big plans to go to Charlotte tomorrow and should try to sleep for the big drive in tomorrow!

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  1. All I can say is hang in there!! About driving...better to be safe than sorry! Nothing is so important that your safety doesn't come first. I do have this image of you involved in this conference in your pink fuzzy bathrobe...made me chuckle!

  2. I hear you Kelly. Most of us in the office were ready to kill our families by time Wednesday rolled around - and that's just from being home since Friday night. We are social creatures to be sure. I was thankful not to be on webcam during the all day meeting on Tuesday - I slummed out myslef, but I mildly enjoyed it. Hang in there my friend - its a long tunnel, but there will be an end.