Sunday, January 16, 2011

Send Chicken Wings

My taste buds are still out of whack. My favorite foods have been abandoned for a bizarre and ever-changing list of new fare. Currently, my top favorite food is buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese. I have no idea why I crave this. Most things with any type of tanginess repel me. But something about the buffalo sauce and the contrasting blue cheese strikes my fancy. Why can’t it be something wonderfully good for me? I have read that most chemotherapy patients crave strong flavors. One woman I read about craves wasabi.

Cereal is still high on the list as well. Something about the contrast of the crunchy with the milk. In fact, I’m drinking much more milk lately. We usually only buy half gallons of skim milk – anymore than that and we’d pour half of it out before the expiration date. Recently, because of the snowstorm, they were out of half-gallons, so we went ahead and bought a full gallon. It doesn’t expire for another 10 days, but I’ll need to buy some early this week.

In other news, I picked up a new side effect this week. I’ve been getting some skin infections – apparently this is a very common side effect. So now I’m on antibiotics. They have cleared up the infections, but have given me minor back pain. I’m getting annoyed with all the side effects you have to endure to be well.

Friday when I arrived home, I was pleasantly surprised that I had received two packages in the mail. I have to honest, in the beginning of having something like this you receive tons of well wishes and attention, but after a while it quiets down and most people aren’t thinking about it. I’m not criticizing, but that is the nature of life. We all have things going on that we’re focused on. But I am regularly surprised that I have amazing friends who are still sending me their prayers, vibes, and even presents!

A shout-out to Melissa, my partner-in-crime in Raleigh. She sent me a fabulous tin of cookies from the Carolina Cookie Company. I should be sending her cookies because I know she has taken on extra work while I have been going through treatment. THANK YOU!!! The hubbie and I have been munching on them all weekend.

And MANY THANKS go to the Nashville office of my company that sent me a handmade hat. It is beautiful and fun. I believe those are Tennessee Titan colors! I will wear it with pride. It is a cold winter and that hat is going to come in handy. I try to wear the wig to work so I don’t freak people out, but when I’m running errands or around the house I tend to wear hats. This hat is going to get a mileage. And it’s so darn cute, I might have to wear it to work!

Four days until chemotherapy. But if things go as planned, this session puts me at the halfway point. Someone commented to me the other day that it is going by quick. To me it seems like an eternity. But I have to admit, halfway through sounds good…

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