Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I know all of us in my household are very happy to see 2010 go away. It was not our best year by a long shot. But I think we’ve come to realize that life is a cycle, and you have to have the low points to appreciate the good. And let’s just say we are really ready to embrace greatness.

Something I’ve been learning over the last few days is that the body’s reaction to each chemotherapy cycle is very different. This time I’ve had much less of the middle-of-the-night uncomfortable heartburn feeling. I think that is because of the reduction in the amount of steroids. I do still wake up, but not nearly as much as the first go around. I also believe that because of the steroid adjustment, I am also able to take an occasionally nap which makes me feel better. I am also able to go for walks and do moderate activity which I wasn’t able to do when I had the tumor and couldn’t breathe. The hunger is not as crazy this time either. I don’t crave things, and I don’t have that “starving” feeling constantly. So for the most part, this cycle has been going well.

I am also experiencing what is referred to in the cancer community as “chemo brain.” I usually have a great memory and am good with words, but lately I have had just a little bit of airheadedness. For example, I ordered something for my Mom, and was surprised when it showed up on my own front porch! Oops! To combat this, I have been doing daily word puzzles to help keep the neuro-pathways clear. I think the blogging helps as well. From my understanding, this phenomenon is temporary.

Monday I get the Neulasta shot again. It does make my bones ache a bit. I did a little skit for Robbie about the effects of Neulasta. Unfortunately, my writing about it doesn’t give you the benefit of all the wacky voices I did during my skit. I said that Neulasta causes the little elves in my bone marrow to make additional white blood cells. Except there isn’t really enough space for the additional cells. But they’ve received their orders so their “MAKING MORE! MAKING MORE!” But it won’t fit! Too bad, because they are “MAKING MORE!” Ok, it was so much funnier before I wrote it all down.

Today I got my head shaved down to just fuzz. It feels better, and I don’t feel like a molting chicken anymore. I wore my wig out twice today. Both times I was very paranoid. If someone nearby laughed, I was totally certain that they were laughing at me in my wig. Wearing the wig is an adjustment. I worry that it’s moving around and that I am looking like the weatherman in the bad toupee.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the support I’ve received over the last few months of 2010. The cards, E-mails, cookies, candy, and comments have provided more comfort than you can ever know. In the case of the great treats, maybe a little too much comfort! It never failed than when I was at a low, a card or an E-mail arrived that gave me just the little lift I needed to make an attitude adjustment.

To all of you, dear readers, have a wonderful 2011. I see great things ahead! Beautiful babies (cousin Candie , Audrey, and many co-workers), a lovely new home for my Mom, NED for me (that means No Evidence of Disease!), great wine from Savage Beagle vineyards, and many other things that have not even appeared on the horizon yet.

Good night - I am off to beat the hubbie at a game of scrabble.

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