Monday, January 31, 2011

A Break

This weekend we had a fabulous break in the weather. It was sunny and in the sixties for both days. (Sorry Mom! She’s been snowed in for what seems like weeks and is getting a little stir crazy.)

It was so nice to sit outside and absorb a bit of sun. We sat on the porch and it was warm enough in the sun to take my shoes off and warm my toes! I even took my hat off for a bit and let my bald head feel the sun for the first time, considering this whole experience has been in the middle of winter. I took a rare picture of my bald self. I hesitate to post it, but being bald is a part of this experience so I need to acknowledge it.

But don’t focus on my bald head. Focus on the beautiful shawl. I need to take and post a better photo – this one doesn’t do it justice. I received the shawl on Friday evening when I got home from work. Robbie’s cousin Elizabeth made it for me. She sent the most wonderful note that brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Thank you Elizabeth – I could literally feel the prayer and positive energy that went into the shawl. It is wonderfully soft and I love the colors. I wore it out and about on Saturday, and it was perfect for sitting outside on Sunday. It is going to get so much use.

I am doing well. The fatigue seems to stick around longer each cycle. I seem to really need a good 10 hours of sleep each night, particularly if I don’t get a nap which is the case during the week when I’m working. Caffeine doesn’t even make a dent in the tiredness.

Bizarrely, something I’ve read to do to combat the fatigue is exercise. We have a treadmill, and I think I’m going to start trying to do a little walking this week. It certainly can't hurt.

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  1. I AM going to focus on your head and it's beautiful!!! Sunshine is a wonderful thing and I'm glad you got to feel it from head to toe!!!!