Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three is a GO

Today I met with the oncologist in the Lance Armstrong room. It was a great visit. He was happy with my progress and is scheduling a PET scan in two weeks! The PET scan will see how much cancer is left and gives him the information he needs to determine how to move forward. Both the Doctor and the Physician’s Assistant (PA) were all smiles today which makes me feel really hopeful. It is always fun when they feel my lymph nodes and can’t even find where the tumor and swelling existed just over a month ago!

I mentioned to the PA that I have been REALLY tired the last couple of days and that I thought maybe it was related to the antibiotic I started late last week. She said it probably didn’t have anything to do with the antibiotic, and it most likely had everything to do with the side effects of chemotherapy.

I’m on a five day streak of going into the office. Unfortunately the more I’m there, the more there is to do, and the more I feel like I need to be there. You show up too much and everyone thinks you are back to normal! Sometimes I start to believe it too. But I’m not. I am not Super Girl. I need to fight cancer first, and everything else comes second. Someday I will be able to work all day, come home, wine and dine with the hubbie, and stay up until 11 PM. But that is not today. In fact, tonight I’ll be lucky to drink my sprite and stay up until 9 PM.

Thursday’s chemotherapy cycle and subsequent shot on Friday will put a forced end to the vicious “need-to-work” cycle for a few days and I will be getting some much needed rest. Yesterday afternoon, I was so tired that I had to close my door to put my head down on my desk for a few minutes.

A shout out to the Catawba Valley Cellar Rat folks that are keeping up with this blog. It was nice to see everyone this evening, even if I couldn’t partake in all of the fabulous wines.

I’m too tired to write anymore. This bald gal is calling an end to a pretty good day.

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