Thursday, January 6, 2011

Head for Cover

Lately I feel like that short story “Flowers for Algernon”. It’s a story about a guy named Charlie, who has his intelligence temporarily enhanced through science. As the story progresses, he finds that the change is temporary and that he is going to lose all the brainpower he has gained. He goes from having really deep and intellectual thoughts to not being able to comprehend things he could easily understand days ago.

Chemotherapy can be like that some days. Today as I was leaving the Doctor’s office I turned the wrong way to get to my next destination. I also left the front door unlocked this morning (don’t get ideas – we have security). I have to write down nearly everything. I do have moments of clarity, where I’m firing on all cylinders. I had a brainstorming phone call at work yesterday and it was the first time in weeks I felt like I was on my game. It is important that I continue to try to keep my mind as sharp as possible. Otherwise, by March, this blog could read “Had chemothrpy. Not fun. Need a knap.”

But let’s not talk the loss of mental capacity.
That’s depressing. Let’s talk about the high point of my day! Let’s talk about the amazing wonderful fantastical hat I received in the mail today. My friend Chris in Gainesville made it for me and it is the best gift ever. His wife Sharon definitely had some input on the color. It is fuchsia and it fits perfectly. When I think of Chris knitting this beautiful fuchsia hat to cover my bald head it brings tears to my eyes. Chris is bald, and he is someone who certainly understands how freaking cold one’s head can get when you have no hair. I think I will wear it to work tomorrow instead of my wig. Thank you from the top of my head and the bottom of my heart!


  1. Yay! I was hoping it would get there today! =) Looks great on you Kelly! =)