Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is a Chocolate Cupcake

I am home today, trying not to eat all the wonderful cupcakes that my husband baked yesterday. The weekend’s aversion to food has changed to ravenous hunger. I seriously could eat every one of them.

Robbie had Thursday and Friday of last week off so I was able to have four days with my hubbie. Now the house seems quiet and lonely. Particularly because I feel guilty that I wasn’t very nice to him over the weekend. I was fighting the constant influence of the prednisone, and for most of the weekend forgot to tell him how much I appreciate all that he has been doing for me over the last few months. You know when you get married you say those crazy things about “in sickness and in health”, but you like to assume that that whole “in sickness” thing is just a disclaimer.

He hates when I blog about him. But it’s Valentine’s Day, and if you can’t gush about the one you love on Valentine’s Day, then when can you? The thing is he does so much for me that it’s hard to even know where to start. Some things are obvious – like the chocolate cupcakes that he made or the fact that he coordinated purchasing a house for his Mother-in-Law, while taking care of his chemo bride. Or the fact that he takes every chemotherapy day off of work so he can sit with me for five hours and keep me company. Or the 100 little things he does around the house.

He has never once made me feel like a burden, even when I am foul and ungrateful. Today, I am going to try to get all the vinegar out of my system before he gets home from work. Because it’s Valentine’s Day and he shouldn’t have to come home to the lunacy that is brought on by this medication that is making me better, but is making me crazy in the process.

Today is the last day of prednisone this round. Tomorrow I will suffer the abrupt spiral that occurs post-prednisone and then the thoughts of rainbows and puppies will slowly return. But for today, I will have to use the influence of the best chocolate cupcakes to get me through the day.

Happy Valentines Day to the Best Husband Ever.

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