Sunday, February 20, 2011

Calabash Shrimp

Yesterday, Robbie’s parents were here visiting and we were all perplexed about what to do for dinner. No one wanted to make the decision. So I decided we’d try something new. There is a seafood place here in Hickory that prepares mainly fried seafood. But I was craving some fried clams, so I posted it up as a suggestion.

We arrived at the restaurant and there were plenty of cars in the parking lot. Robbie and I have a general rule that if you go to a restaurant at dinner-time and there are no cars, there is most likely a very good reason. So in those cases we would set a new course.

The restaurant ended up being not the cleanest of places, but it seemed to be doing a good business so we went ahead and stayed. The food was sort of what I expected – lots of fried seafood and hush puppies. It was good initially, but by the end of the meal, I had a bit of a greasy mouth feel. The batter was really heavy on everything.

Now let’s get to the part where you understand why I’m writing about this on my NH-Lymphoma blog. After extensive heartburn and reflux during the first round of chemotherapy, I started to take a daily dose of Prilosec or an equivalent type drug. Since starting that regimen I haven’t woken up in the middle-of-the-night with heartburn or acid indigestion. Unfortunately, I think the pills had given me a false sense of security that I could eat a plate of fried seafood without repercussion.

Last night, I had heartburn and reflux for a good hour or two. I was eating Tums like they were candy. It was a not so gentle reminder from my body that I do still have the red devil and all of her friends in my system.

Today, I will be more kind to my stomach.

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