Monday, February 21, 2011


I had sticker shock the first time I went wig shopping and couldn’t bring myself to buy more than one. Nice wigs are a bit more expensive than I anticipated. I was also nervous about the whole experience and didn’t even know how willing I would be to wear a wig.

But I have gotten used to the red wig, and have been longing for something a little different. My own hair has never been great. It’s very fine and mousy brown. So this is my opportunity to really have some really fabulous hair.

So this weekend I ventured back to the wig shop and picked out a new do. The hardest part was pulling off my wig to try on other wigs. I’ve never gone out in public bald. Maybe if my head were shiny bald, but it’s not. I have some hair that is growing, other areas where I’m bald, and a whole lot of in-between. Every chemotherapy cycle hair falls out. And sometimes it is just the fuzz, and other times it is the hair that is somehow trying to grow. So I look like an ostrich. So unveiling my head to the woman in the wig shop as well as anyone passing by was a big step for me.

But it was totally worth it, because now I have the hair I’ve always wanted. Except the bangs are driving me insane, so I may have to get a “wig cut”. I also need to pick up some wig hairspray so I can keep this baby under control. I went outside in the wind a bit ago, and came back inside looking pretty scary.

Who knows, I may never go back to real hair!

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