Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These Boots are Made for Walking

Physically the symptoms are minimal right now, and so I’ve turned my attention to a little mental rest and relaxation. I’ve put the blackberry down. I’ve unplugged the work laptop. And for a few days, I’m just letting it go. I’m focused on enjoying the holidays with my family. Any cancer patient will tell you that the mental battle is equally important as the physical one.

I started yesterday with a little retail therapy. I’ve been looking off and on for a pair of boots since about November. Because I’ve been tired, it seemed to be the store I would never have time to fit into my day. Do I go to the drug store, or do I look for fabulous boots? Yesterday, I went to the shoe store first. I have big feet – Size 11. So it’s not always easy to find something I love in my size. And I was nearly done at Rack Room and was feeling the familiar pain of not finding a pair in my size. As I went down the last boot aisle, I moved a pair of display boots to see what size the box behind the display boots were. And sure enough, they were my size. I am so in love with these boots that I may never take them off of my feet.

My Mom also arrived yesterday. I am very glad to have her here. I know it was good for her to see me and to see that I look the same as I always did, and that I’m just as obnoxious as always. I think she expected to find me looking weak and frail, and that just isn’t the case right now. I even still have my hair for now! She will also get to see my treatment center later this week when I go in for blood work. It really is a lovely place, and I think she’ll feel a little comforted to put a positive image to the place in which I receive care.

Today we are going house hunting. This should be a really fun day. I am hopeful that we’ll find a house that will be perfect for her. We are meeting a realtor shortly, and we are going to look until the sun goes down and we can’t see anymore! And if we don’t find one today, we’ll keep on looking.

My apologies that my “Cancer Blog” is a little mundane right now. Makes for a happy cancer patient, but does not make for exciting reading!

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  1. Have fun, and good luck house hunting! It's going to be so nice to have your mom closer to you. Merry Christmas to you all!