Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last weekend was my office holiday party. In normal years, Robbie and I usually get a hotel room in Charlotte and make a weekend getaway out of it. We spend the day shopping, drinking wine, and enjoying the “big city” festivities of the holiday season. This year, for obvious reasons, we skipped the party. Last weekend was also Robbie’s holiday party. Considering that was the evening of my first chemotherapy session we skipped it as well.

Additionally, we cancelled our wine club party that we were going to hold this weekend. Though I probably feel well enough to do it, it’s not the greatest idea to have a house full of people during the cold and flu season when my immune system is compromised.

So, I think it goes without saying that this girl deserved a night out. Tonight was the Hickory Wine Shoppe Annual Champagne Tasting. I was determined to attend. It’s not really a dress-up event, but it may be the only holiday event I attend this year so I pulled out the sparkly! I even took a nap this afternoon to prepare for the big event. I am allowed to drink alcohol during chemotherapy (I specifically asked), but I really didn’t drink much. I took a sip of each glass of champagne and then handed my glass to Robbie to finish it up. It was more about being out of the house and feeling a part of the holiday season. It was fun to laugh and enjoy the evening.

I’m doing a little better today after yesterday’s energy crash. I am still experiencing some aches and pains, primarily pain in my sternum associated with the white blood cell booster. I also occasionally have a headache and some muscle pain – similar to the achiness you experience with the flu. It’s not constant, and seems to be less when I’m well rested. Hey, maybe I should stay well-rested!

I also went to have my blood count checked today. This will happen weekly throughout my treatment. I was within the right level, though I did have a slight fever (99.7). I always have to watch for fever – if at any point it goes higher than 100.5 I have to call the Doctor’s office right away.

I’m off to shop now. I have about a week until I lose my hair, and baby, its cold outside! I need to get some headgear stat!

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