Monday, September 19, 2011


Today I’d like to talk about how proud I am of my Mother.  Today I accompanied her to her colonoscopy.  She put aside her fear of needles and anesthesia and all things medical to get one of the most important screenings available for the early detection of cancer.  Women are just as likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer, as they are to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  People just don’t like to talk about it.  She was an absolute trooper, and followed her preparation instructions to the letter.  And the preparations are not fun.  Not at all.  But she did it.  She did have some polyps and those were removed.  So it is very good that she went.  And I think she’s pretty awesome.

Ironically, the gastroenterologist’s office was in the same building as my surgeon’s office.   The office of the surgeon who performed my biopsies and presented my cancer diagnosis.  So to say it is not my favorite place is an understatement.   But today, it was made a more positive place.  

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