Thursday, September 15, 2011


I finally went for my first post-chemo haircut. I’ve been reluctant to get it cut just because I have so little. But it was getting wooly around the ears and along my neck. Word on the street is that if you hold out on getting it cut you will end up with what is referred to as the “chemo mullet”. I’ve been through enough, a mullet would just be adding insult to injury!

He cut the areas that were disproportionate and trimmed up the places that desperately needed it. We are going for “pixie”. Bizarrely, my hair looked longer when I left than it did when I went in. It’s amazing what a little shaping will do. I will continue to take my multi-vitamin as well as biotin to promote hair growth.

I was bizarrely happy about the haircut. It’s one more milestone to separate me from the Big C!

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