Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate, William, and Starbucks

Radiation started on Thursday. Things have gone extremely smoothly. The simulation was worse than the actual therapy. For the last two mornings I’ve thrown on a gown, they’ve snapped my head down underneath the mask, strapped down my shoulders, lined me up, and cranked up the machine! The radiation itself probably takes less than two minutes and I don’t feel a thing. I was hoping I’d be able to see some sort of beam or ray, but there is nothing. Just a noisy machine.

So far, no significant side effects. I would swear the area they radiated felt a little warm at times during the morning, but that could be my imagination. My tolerance of red wine seems to have waned just a little. I had just gotten to the point where I was enjoying wine again, but I went to a tasting like night and could not tolerate more than a sip or two of the red wines. Radiation to the chest can cause temporary heart burn and throat issues so that is not surprising. Lastly, my mouth has felt dry today. But the air is dry, so I’m not sure if that is the environment or the radiation.

They have been getting me in and out for my 7:30 AM appointment very quickly. I think this morning my visit was 13 minutes total. And that includes watching royal wedding coverage with the radiation staff for a moment. I’ve been able to get to work between 9 and 9:15 AM the last two days. And that is even after taking advantage of what I consider a fabulous perk – the hospital is just down the street from Starbucks! So each morning I’ve been able to grab coffee for my commute into Charlotte. I think starting the day with radiation earns me the right to be a little frivolous!

I’m “off” for the weekend – no more treatments until Monday. The hubbie has agreed to get up with the evil beagles so I’m sleeping in late tomorrow!

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