Monday, April 11, 2011

But Wait, There's More...

I must take a moment and rave about the iPad. I am at the airport typing this entry. Never has the Internet been so quick and easy to access.

Let's start with the good news. I don't have to get blood drawn or see the oncologist until July! It had become the place where everyone knows my name and I found that to be a bit disconcerting. Just prior to that visit, they will also schedule another PET Scan.

They couldn't possible just let me have one day with all good news though. Even though the PET showed no traces of Lymphoma, he would still like me to talk to the radiation folks. He said that with my type of Lymphoma and the fact that it had started to spread into my chest that they may still recommend radiation in order to ensure that recurrence is prevented.

My heart sank when he told me this. I was almost certain I was done. It is still possible that the radiologist will give me an all clear, but there is also a chance that he won't. I am prepared to do whatever I need to do, but that would totally suck. My appointment is next week, so at least I have a little reprieve from all things cancer.

I do understand that this year is a critical one. The most probable time for recurrence is this year. And if it comes back it becomes harder to treat. And multiple course of chemotherapy are rough on your body.

For now, I am going to enjoy the week. I am looking forward to a few days in Nashville. It will be a good distraction.

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