Monday, March 28, 2011

Rachael Ray at 9 AM

This morning I had blood work scheduled at the oncology center followed by a PET Scan. Normally I do my blood work on Thursday, but the scheduling assistant thought she would be helpful and schedule my two appointments back-to-back. I have some sort of big note in my oncology file about my schedule and taking first/last appointments, combining, etc. in order to minimize my time away from work.

My first appointment was at 9 AM and I showed up about 10 minutes early to ensure that I could get to the PET Scan by 10 AM. I found a spot near the TV since I knew Rachael Ray was about to start. I am saddened by the fact that I’ve had so many appointments at the oncology center that I know the television schedule. I was also rocking a sweat suit and a winter hat since you are supposed to dress comfortably and without metal clasps/buttons for the PET Scan. Red chipmunk cheeks, sweat suit, hat, and almost no brows – I was looking mighty fine today.

Around 9:40 or so I still hadn’t been called to back and went up to the desk to let them know that I needed to go for my PET Scan and that if they didn’t get me back to the hematologist pronto I was going to need to reschedule. She said they were starting to call back the 9 o’clock appointments and to just wait and I should be called soon. In the meantime, some ridiculously cheerful woman in an apron starts walking around to give out free smoothies for colon-rectal cancer awareness month. Let me just say, and this could be the prednisone talking, that every person in that waiting room is acutely aware of cancer and we really don’t need a lesson in awareness. But that being said, a free smoothie is always nice. Except of course, if you’ve been fasting since the night before because you have a PET scan in 15 minutes and can’t partake in a smoothie. Then a free smoothie is not so nice.

I finally went back to the desk at a few minutes before 10 to let the receptionist know I’d just call and reschedule the blood work. And then she informs me to go down to the other desk because she’s in the middle of something and can’t reschedule me right now. I informed her that there was a line at the other desk and that I’M LEAVING. She desperately told me to come back at 4:30. I say fine and head down the street to the scan center.

I love the PET Scan center. It’s a small office with one PET/CT scanning machine. This is my third scan now, so I know all the people and the drill. After the drama at the oncology center, I enjoyed the hour of mandatory quiet time. I spent a good portion of it watching a very clever squirrel break into the feeder they have outside the window. I tried very hard not to think about the importance of this scan. After the scan, the technician gave me two thumbs up. I want to read so much into his “two thumbs up”. It was probably just a “you’re done, we got what we needed” signal. But that is the first time he’s done that, so I’m hopeful that he was foreshadowing good results.

I only sobbed once today, and I don’t really remember why. I think I was just happy that Robbie was home so I could share my drama filled day. He has become accustomed to my “prednisone Mondays” and comes home ready to empathize. I think he is hoping as much as I am that this is my last prednisone Monday.


  1. Hurrah for last prednisone Monday! Boo on free smoothies that you can't have. I hope tomorrow goes better for you!