Monday, March 7, 2011

No More Tears

Oh how I am happy when my prednisone days end. Today was the dreaded day five. And for once, and this is a first, I did not weep! I am not sure if it was something I did that kept it at bay, or if I was just lucky.

One approach I took today was to not be amazing. I was a chemotherapy patient today. I went to bed at 8 PM last night and didn’t rise until 8 AM. This morning when I did get up, I was very lazy about it. I did not get a shower and get into “work from home” mode. I stayed in my PJs, drank a cup of coffee, and ate some cereal. For those keeping track of my cereal obsession – this go-around it is whole grain cheerios.

I did have a few “must do” items on my calendar, and I did those. But that was it. I didn’t frustrate myself by trying to do a lot. Part of my issue with the prednisone is that I have no concentration whatsoever. And then I get frustrated at myself for feeling like an idiot, which brings on the weeping and starts the “crazy” cycle.

Because I wasn’t so “crazy” the dogs weren’t all amped up. They slept most of the day. Of course that could be of course because they spent lots of time with their “Grandma” this weekend and were just exhausted. Maybe my Mom being here was good for us all. Maybe I was just tired enough today to not get the prednisone lunacy.

Hopefully I can keep the good mojo going through the rest of the day.

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