Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tumor Idol

Tomorrow I go before the Tumor Board! I hope they like me!

Ok, it’s not actually me going before the board – just my case file. Here in Hickory, they have a regularly meeting of the Tumor Board. It is a forum to collectively discuss tumor cases and brainstorm a course of action. So tomorrow while I’m working and trying hard not to sound like Darth Vadar breathing, my tumor will be in the spotlight. I have my first oncology appointment on Friday, and the oncologist will be armed with the recommendations of the tumor board.

For me, knowing that I have cancer makes me want to start treatment RIGHT NOW. I hate the thought of the cancer cells growing and spreading and wreaking havoc. The waiting is agony. It’s hard to go to work every day and have any type of focus. But not going to work isn’t really an option. When you know cancer treatment is just over the horizon, you start to really covet all your available sick and vacation time.

I did have a great distraction today. A good friend drove into Charlotte to have lunch with me. I worked with her for a few months when I first moved to North Carolina. She and I hit it off almost immediately and very few people can make me laugh the way she does. We had a fabulous lunch and I laughed until I seriously couldn’t breathe. This tumor and it’s need to push against my windpipe is completely cramping my style.

When I got back to the office after lunch, I felt exhausted. I think it was a combination of the laughing and not being able to catch my breath, along with poor sleep from the windpipe issue. I think I need a beanbag in my office so I can take naps.

I’m home now relaxing, and Robbie is working on his bedroom painting project. The color is called “Restful” by Behr and it’s fabulous. My lofty goal for the evening is to stay awake long enough to watch Glee. I also need to practice dialing in some votes for my tumor's big debut tomorrow.


  1. Kelly,

    This is definitely as news but not one without hope. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and have been doing great since treatment so I know there are happy endings out there. Since then my family, friends and I have raised over $72,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the American Cancer Society. We know we are doing what we can to fight this and we are in it to win it.

    The Cancer Survivor Club (you'll get your membership card in the mail anyday) isn't one you want to join but when you do you'll find some of the toughest, nicest people with the most amazing stories. Welcome to the club.

    We're in NH but if there is anything we can do just say the word. I have lots of information from my advocacy and volunteer work so share and I found that helpful during my own experience. If you haven't visited www.cancer.org yet you should.

    Jason Phelps

  2. Hey Kelly - I was shocked to read about this today....you and Robbie are in my prayers. This blog is a great idea - writing is always therapeutic and I've enjoyed reading it so far. Lean on your man...and some special Colorado chocolate is on its way! :)